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A name with a story that we are proud to continue

“Corte” is not just a word, it is integral part of the history and etymology of our territory: Franciacorta. Its most reliable meaning appears to date back to medieval times, when these lands, managed by the Benedictine and Cluniac monks, benefited from tax and duty indemnity: it was a “curtes francae” region, that is, exempt from taxes.

Aura is a name that has even older origins: in Greek mythology it refers to a nymph, the daughter of Periboea and Lelas, as swift-footed as the wind. From the Greek word “alos” (crown), comes the aura used by the occult to define that elusive field of luminous radiation, invisible to normal perception, that surrounds all living creatures. Ultimately, Aura is the unison of positive energy. Like the one that stirs our passion.

We have put together these two words to create a single name that pays tribute to our land and to that magical breath of life that can make the fruit of our work unique and superior.

We then chose a symbol, a tortoise. A gentle creature with huge potential in its proverbial slowness and enduring longevity. Allowing time to run its course is, here in Franciacorta, the key element both in the preparation of cuvee wines and in the wait for their evolution to take place. Slowly. Because the slowness with which we give life to our wine is the necessary prerequisite for its pleasurableness and its duration. Vintage after vintage. And every vintage is a good vintage if the land and the winery are managed with care and passion.

The story of Corteaura starts with the desire to create a superior quality Franciacorta wine. A product of absolute excellence, meticulously cared for and defined in its every detail. Truly tasty and simply perfect.