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Our land, our history

Corteaura is located in Adro, a municipality in the south-western province of Brescia, situated at the foot of Mount Alto at an altitude of 271 metres above sea level and approximately 6 km from Lake Iseo. Monte Alto protects the vineyards from wind and fog and promotes an ideal temperate climate for grapevine cultivation. The presence of three bunches of grapes on the Adro municipal coat of arms is just one of the testimonies of how the vocation to viticulture of this small town and its surrounding territory has roots that date back to 16th century.

Corteaura can count on vineyards situated exclusively in the most suitable areas of different Franciacorta municipalities. Each of our plots is assessed individually by means of accurate “diagonal transect” grape sampling from the outermost sections to the most central areas, in order to carefully plan differentiated and timely harvests.