Corte Aura

A name with a story that we are proud to continue

We have combined two words into one name as a tribute to our land and, together, to that magical breath of life that can make the fruit of our labor unique and superior. The story of Corte Aura was born from the desire to give life to a Franciacorta of great quality. A product of absolute excellence, cared for and defined in every detail.

Sincerely good, simply perfect.

The Company

patience, precision and success

The Corte Aura winery is spread over two levels, in a characteristic building located in Adro, in the heart of Franciacorta.
Its centuries-old tradition and favorable location were just some of the reasons why we decided to undertake a careful renovation work that allowed us to transform a rural building into a winery, obtaining well-kept and welcoming spaces, in full respect of the territory and the surrounding vineyards.

Our Wines

“Wine is like listening to the earth singing to the sky”
(Luigi Veronelli)

Our wines are the mirror of a territory kissed by nature and enlivened by history, where vines have been planted since the earliest times, as witnessed by Pliny, Columella, Virgil. Here in Franciacorta, the “fruit of Bacchus” has traced and traces a line of continuity that unites eras as different as they are identical, in the quest for the creation of a superior wine, according to values rooted in respect for the land, subject, and not object, active and complicit in daily work.

The Franciacorta

Our land, our history

Among the mineral-rich moraine hills is the region’s namesake Franciacorta DOCG, made using the classic method of bottle-fermentation.

The Winery

“My dreams are unwavering, they are stubborn, stubborn and resilient”
(Luis Sepulveda)

The winery represents the heart of our business, where grapes are transformed into wine, thanks to the care of our staff combined with the magic of nature.
The large steel tanks, used on a rotational basis and disinfected regularly, allow the ideal fermentation of wine.
To speed up wine analysis and control operations, an in-house analysis laboratory has been introduced since 2021.

The People

The stories, passions and determination

We are the meeting of two worlds: the passion of Federico Fossati, the experience of Pierangelo Bonomi. Together and thanks to the valuable contribution of all collaborators, we have given life to an ambitious project of excellence, aimed at promoting a product capable of lasting over time. Calmness, attention to detail and the search for real quality have always been the keys to our passion.





"Wine is like listening to the earth singing to the sky"

Luigi Veronelli

"My dreams are unwavering, they are stubborn, stubborn and resilient"

Luis Sepulveda

"Wine is bottled poetry"