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The wines

“Wine is like listening to the earth singing to the sky”
 (Luigi Veronelli)

Our wines are the reflection of a territory that is kissed by Nature and given life to by History, where vineyards were first planted in ancient times, as testified by Pliny, Columella, Virgil. Here in Franciacorta the “fruit of Bacchus” has traced – and continues to trace – a line of continuity that links different eras that are in fact very similar, in order to create a superior wine according to values that are rooted in respect for the land as the subject, not object, of active and complicit daily work.



Our land, our history.

The presence of three bunches of grapes on the Adro municipal coat of arms is just one of the testimonies of how the vocation to viticulture of this small town and its surrounding territory has roots that date back to 16th century.


Corte Aura

A name with a story that we are proud to continue.

We have put together these two words to create a single name that pays tribute to our land and to that magical breath of life that can make the fruit of our work unique and superior. The story of Corte Aura begins with the desire to create a top quality Franciacorta wine. A product of absolute excellence, meticulously produced and defined in every detail. Truly tasty and simply perfect.


The winery

“My dreams are inalienable, they are obstinate, stubborn and resistant.”
(Luis Sepulveda)

The choice of Adro was not random: its century-old tradition and its favourable position are just two of the reasons that led us to scrupulously restore an ancient rural building and transform it into a winery, maintaining full respect for the local territory and surrounding vineyards.


The people

The stories, the passion, the determination.

Corte Aura stemmed from the meeting between the passion of Federico Fossati and the experience of Pierangelo Bonomi. Together, they create the perfect project of excellence aimed at producing a top quality and enduring wine.