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The winery
“My dreams are inalienable, they are obstinate, stubborn and resistant.”
( Luis Sepulveda)

Corteaura Franciacorta was established in 2009 by Federico Fossati. Raised in Veneto he wanted to fulfil an oenological dream: to produce a top quality wine in a territory with a natural vocation for grape growing. After meticulous research across all wine producing areas of Italy, he recognised the Franciacorta region as the one that, above all others, would ensure his wines would have a rich and varied range of undertones.

Of the various opportunities available in the region, he opted for Adro and its centuries-old tradition. He undertook scrupulous restoration work on an old rural building transforming it into a winery, while maintaining full respect for the local territory and surrounding vineyards. The first production was made possible thanks to a fortuitous meeting with Pierangelo Bonomi and his extensive winemaking experience in the Franciacorta area. Today Corteaura produces 100,000 bottles and cultivates 6 hectares of vineyards, the majority of which privately owned, purchasing grapes across the entire Franciacorta region ensuring its wines the widest range of fragrances and aromas.