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Corte Aura Franciacorta was established in 2009 by Federico Fossati. Raised in Veneto he wanted to fulfil an oenological dream: to produce a top quality wine in a territory with a natural vocation for grape growing. After meticulous research across all wine producing areas of Italy, he recognised the Franciacorta region as the one that, above all others, would ensure his wines would have a rich and varied range of undertones.

Of the various opportunities available in the region, he opted for Adro and its centuries-old tradition. He undertook scrupulous restoration work on an old rural building transforming it into a winery, while maintaining full respect for the local territory and surrounding vineyards. The first production was made possible thanks to a fortuitous meeting with Pierangelo Bonomi and his extensive winemaking experience in the Franciacorta area.

Corte Aura has always dedicated its attention to the precision with which every single step is carried out.

From the pruning, carried out with the Guyot system, to the choice of the vineyards, to the pressing and fermentation phase; from the choice of the steel tanks to the creation of the in-house laboratory; from the fermentation temperature to the selection of the best times of the year for each individual activity. Every stage of production and every step in the selection of machinery and collaborators is taken care of in detail, carried out with calm and precision.

Corte Aura is committed to showing great care and respect for the environment. In our industry, in agriculture, the earth is what allows us to produce, the raw material without which nothing could be done. Choosing packaging, paying attention to the use of non-harmful substances, and saving raw materials wherever possible, are a top priority in our world.

Reception and direct shop


When you arrive at the premises, you will be welcomed by our staff in the lovely dedicated room, characterized by the historic wooden table and the presence of the fireplace, lit during the winter season.
We care about hospitality and making you feel at home while tasting our products, narrated by those who work there every day.
Here you can also, for those who wish, buy Corte Aura bottles directly from the cellar as well as place any commercial orders.

Salon for events

a special place

In the case of a special event, we provide our salon, ready to accommodate any catering and, of course, to serve you the best Franciacorta.
The hall is characterized by large spaces, further enhanced by the green mirror closure, which separates the guest area from the area dedicated to catering and work.
The large fireplace makes the room warm and cozy, accompanied by white tables and chairs.
The lounge is open for winery events, such as Open Cellar Days, and is available by reservation only during the rest of the year. You can contact our offices for more information.