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The people
The stories, the passion, the determination.

Federico Fossati

The true soul of Corteaura.

Class of 1978, Federico Fossati, quit his accountancy firm to follow his oenological dream. He moved to Franciacorta from Veneto determined to produce quality wines that would capture the full potential of the local territory, the peculiarities and characteristics of the soils, and thus establish an area of excellence.

Federico believes that quality is the key to creating a product that lasts in time. Despite not coming from a wine-producing family he was driven by passion and decided to place his bets in the Corteaura project investing in it all his resources. Time has proved him right.

Pierangelo Bonomi


The many years that Pierangelo Bonomi has dedicated to spumante vinification in Franciacorta and Trentino are proof that sparkling wines are indeed his mission.

Franciacorta traditionally implies a classic winemaking method (refermentation takes place in the bottle), a notable DOCG (subject to rigid production specifications), and a wine (grape varieties used are chardonnay, pinot noir, pinot blanc, with first fermentation lasting 7/8 months from harvest date, followed by at least 18 months slow aging on yeast lees).

As technical supervisor of Franciacorta, Pierangelo Bonomi has a very ambitious project that can be summed up in three key points:

–        work processes aimed at ensuring Constant Quality  (through research, structure and training)

–        protection of the local territorial identity, while maintaining the different ranges (Brut, Satèn, Rosé, Pas Dosé)

–        production of Franciacorta wines that are effortlessly enjoyed yet are well-structured and architecturally complex.

To achieve this he has, with the full support of Federico Fossati, extended the aging on lees process, established by the Franciacorta Consortium, in order to obtain enduring cuvees with great expression of terroir able to satisfy consumer tastes. The lengthy fining lasts at least 30 months and allows quality to be expressed to its fullest.